What vitamins can Help you in Curing Acne?

Vitamins to clear skin can also cure acne infections. Ask your dermatologist to find the best combinations of vitamins to clear skin. After using these vitamins you can see the results within a month or two.

Vitamins Good for Acne:

  • Some vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin B-complex can cure acne. These help you maintain healthy skin. Vitamin B5 also clears skin. Apply this vitamin plus a cream that contains 20% pantothenic acid by weight for four to six times a day.
  • Vitamins to clear skin also include Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Vitamin B6 helps maintain hormonal balance and Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and promotes healing.
  • Other vitamins that clear skin are Vitamin E and Zinc. Zinc is a mineral that helps in healthy skin and healing. Vitamin E is one of the vitamins that is necessary for good skin health. Along with Vitamin E you should also take 200-400 mcg. of selenium a day. It increases the effectiveness of vitamin E.


Here are some of the combinations of vitamins and minerals that you should take to help you get rid of acne.

  • B6, 25 – 150 mg in a B vitamin complex
  • B5 pantothenic acid, 500 – 1000 mg per day
  • Vitamin A (water soluble), 50,000 IU – take just before meals. Taking more than 50,000 IU requires approval from a doctor
  • Vitamin C, buffered 1000mg – three times a day
  • Vitamin E, 400 IU – two times a day before meals for a total of 800 IU a day


Do not take more than 50, 000 unit of vitamin A as it can be toxic at higher levels. If you experience any negative symptoms with the use of 50,000 units of vitamin turn back to 25,000 units.

Can Taking Vitamin A Help Acne?

Yes taking Vitamin A can help in curing acne. Vitamin A plays a vital role in preventing acne occurrence by strengthening the protective layer of the skin. Besides that Vitamin A regulates excess sebum production. In addition Vitamin A acts as a potent anti-oxidant and help is removing toxins as well as plays a vital role in tissue repair mechanism.

Will Vitamin E Help Acne?

Everyone are aware of the fact that Vitamin E is essential for healthy and beautiful skin but the question arises is will Vitamin E help Acne? Does taking Vitamin E help acne is most common doubt among people suffering from acne as well as doctors and researchers. The answer to the questions is that Vitamin E not helpful in clearing acne out-burst but it effectively cures acne scars. Vitamin E is beneficial in reducing the chances of acne scarring as well as effective in lightening acne scars.