Vitamins for Acne

The skin covers our entire existence and it needs as much care and nutrition, as all our vital organs need. The deficiency of important vitamins, minerals and herbs can cause various skin and health problems for your body. So ensure that you are getting enough of it.

Why are vitamins important for your body?

Vitamins and minerals flush out the harmful toxins from our bodies which have taken refuge in our systems for long. Further, they also contain antibacterial effects that promote immunity. Finally, vitamins are essential for cleaning the skin pores off the toxins and for treating damaged skin cells and tissues.

Essential vitamins to cure acne problems:

  • Vitamin A:

    This is considered very essential to prevent acne problems as it protects the underlying skin tissues. Its main function is to repair and maintain the tissues of the skin and mucous membranes. Further, it is an active antioxidant that rids the body off dangerous toxins. A recommended dose is important in order to deal with acne problems.

  • Vitamin B:

    This is also essential for maintaining healthy and toned skin. Adding to that, intake of Vitamin B also reduces high stress levels and anxiety. Do not forget that stress and anxiety are one of the root causes for acne breakouts. A recommended dose of B complex proves effective for acne treatment.

  • Vitamin C:

    This vitamin is an important requirement for three hundred metabolic functions of our body. Vitamin C helps in tissue repairs and growth. It also helps to fight against infection and develops the immunity levels. Diabetics and others should consult a doctor before taking any doses of Vitamin C.

  • Chromium:

    Chromium again, protects the skin against infection. High sugar levels in your diet can cause chromium loss from your body. So, limit your sugar consumption levels.

  • Zinc:

    Zinc is very important for maintaining clear and healthy skin. This is contributed by the fact that it regulates and controls the activity of oil glands thereby preventing the chances of acne. Its main function is to heal the tissues and prevent scars or blemishes on the skin surface. It also functions as an active antioxidant that rids the body off free radicals and toxins. Severe acne problems therefore, can be a clear indicator of zinc deficiency.

  • Vitamin E:

    The primary function of this vitamin is that it enhances tissue repairs and healing. Vitamin E also prevents cell damage.

It is very essential to include all of these vitamins and minerals in your diet. However, circumstances may hinder a nutritious diet. So, for those who cannot improve their eating habits, a multivitamin tablet can certainly compensate for all the vitamins that your body has lost out on.