Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne is a common condition that can affect all age groups. They can be defined as legions that occur due to the blockade of the hair follicles with dead cells and the over activity of the sebaceous glands which causes excess production of oil that tries to escape through the skin pores but gets clogged along with the dead cells. Recent researches reveal that laser treatment for acne hazards has proven effective even for removing the acne scars.

How does laser treatment work for acne problems?

It works in a way to emit flat laser beams on the area to be treated. It tries to reach the sebaceous glands and reduce its size for it to pursue minimum activity. Laser treatment is effective in killing the bacteria which causes acne. Also, to remove acne scar, laser treatment can be used. In this, the laser beam removes the top layer of the skin which contains the scar tissues.

Types of laser treatment available for acne:

There are numerous laser treatments available for treating acne and acne scars which include the following:

  • Nonablative Treatment: The laser beams focus in a way so as to stimulate collagen production and compress the skin in that area.
  • Erbium Treatment:  Under this treatment heat passes through the water molecules and gets into the skin to treat the roots of acne. It helps in eliminating acne blemishes as well.
  • Carbon Dioxide Treatment: It is beneficial for treating all types of acne.
  • Smoothbeam Laser Treatment: This treatment propagates the growth of collagen and is done after using a topical local anesthetic.

Other effective laser treatments for acne and acne scars include the following:

There are other forms of laser treatments available for acne. They include the following:

  • Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy:  This treatment is used for vascular lesions and can also eliminate the scars by increasing collagen production.
  • Soft Light Laser Treatment: For treating acne, acne scars, wrinkles and other skin imperfections.
  • Fraxel Laser Treatment: Used for treating severe acne.
  • VBeam Laser and IPL Treatment: It eliminates acne appearing on the skin surface and focuses on small blood cells.

One can suffer either, mild, moderate or sever conditions of acne. Though there are numerous options available for treating acne perils, researcher’s claim that many factors like the sensitivity of the skin to withstand the medications and lubricants used in the treatment and the skin type are necessary for conducting a laser treatment which can be refuted if the patient does not fulfill the required criteria’s for such a procedure to follow.

Pitfalls of laser treatment therapy for acne:

  • Laser treatment should be opted for not with the notion that it would yield a clear face. Certain side effects may include crusty, scabbed or bruised skin surface, skin tenderness and redness and/or changes in pigmentation or hyper pigmentation.
  • Patients should also be made aware that the laser treatment for acne involves the removal of one or more layers which can be painful and leads to scarring, skin flushes and swelling in some cases.

The completion of any type of laser treatment for acne breakouts is marked by a certain degree of redness and swelling which heals within a few weeks from being treated. Recovery from such a treatment depends on the area and amount of treatment for acne.

It is natural for people to doubt the safety and effectiveness of this treatment because it calls for huge investments with minimum prospects of a clearer and acne or scar free skin.