How to Prevent Acne Breakouts

Acne is a very common problem faced by almost everybody at some point of their life. For some people this problem becomes a nagging malady to pest them throughout their life. Nobody likes to see acne on their face as it deteriorates the freshness of look one originally possesses. Still, people generally wait for acne to erupt before it is actually treated. But it is always good to prevent the breakouts of acne than treating it when it takes a bad shape.

Acne does not only erupt in the face. Chest, upper arms and back are also very common parts of the body where acne can erupt. Back acne can prove to be equally embarrassing like face acne as you won’t dare to try a backless top or to bare your back on a beach.

Preventing acne breakouts is easier than treating acne. What you need is to be a bit more conscious about your skin type. A better understanding of your skin type will help you to care it in a more sophisticated way.

Tips to Prevent Acne Breakouts:

Listed below are few tips on how to prevent acne breakouts:

  • Adopt a good cleansing routine. Use a wash cloth and gentle cleansing material, which help exfoliating. This is necessary because too much of skin cells also cause acne. Cleaning your skin in this way twice a day will be enough to prevent acne breakout.
  • Always pat your face dry after washing. Do not rub it, which irritates your skin and may lead to acne breakouts.
  • Change your pillow case each night. Using the same pillow case daily may lead to trigger the problem of acne as it might suck and contain the oil of your face.
  • Avoid hot water that might make your skin dry. Excessive dryness of skin makes it prone to have acne breakouts.
  • Try and avoid going to the sun when it is at the peak. Too much of sun rays are harmful for your skin. Even if you go out, use oil free sunscreen lotions to protect your skin from the heat of sun.
  • In case of back acne, always wear loose clothes. Tight clothes cause perspiration, which can aggravate the problem of acne.
  • Use cotton clothes that ensure better air inflow.
  • Avoid carrying backpacks. Instead take a shoulder bag or a carry bag. Backpacks rub your back and irritate the skin, which might lead to have acne breakouts.
  • Maintaining a proper hygiene and good grooming can help preventing acne breakouts, especially in the back. Take a shower everyday and every time you feel exhausted from the heavy workload of the day.
  • Exfoliating and cleansing can also be used for your back. Use a back scrubber to reach those places which are generally hard to reach. However, you should be careful in scrubbing as too much of scrubbing can also cause harm to your skin.
  • Using glycolic acid gently peels off the upper layer of skin and helps it renew itself. However, use of this acid should be as per the prescription of a dermatologist as wrong use of it may lead to harmful effects of the skin.

4 Quick Fixes for Acne Breakouts:

Listed below are few quick home remedies for acne breakout:

  • As soon as you observe acne breakout apply ice on it. Ice helps in reducing inflammation and redness making it less noticeable.
  • Mix ground nutmeg in cold milk and with the help of cotton ball apply it on the affected area. This is considered to be one of the most effective quick home remedies for acne breakout.
  • Apply plain white toothpaste on the affected area is another effective quick fix for acne out-burst. It is advisable to leave it overnight and avoid using gel toothpastes.
  • Direct application of diluted essential oils like grapeseed, sandalwood, primrose, lavender and rose hip seed oil is also effective in treating acne.

There are many other chemical products that can be used for preventing acne breakouts. But those should be used under the careful instruction of a medical practitioner. However, the crux of the matter is that you should take care of your skin in such a way so that the acne problem can be prevented even before it erupts to be your despair. After all, prevention is always better than cure.