Ear Acne

Ear Acne Acne on, in and around the ears can be a very painful experience as the ear lobes are made of fragile and delicate cartilage, and any eruptions on them can lead to ear aches and discomfort. Ear aches are incapacitating and can leave you mourning all day long. So whenever your ear aches and it gradually becomes unbearable, then do consult a doctor for further guidance and treatment.Read on to know more about ear acne or pimples in ear.

Causes of ear acne:

Acne in and around the ears appear in the form of blackheads that contains a yellow black material in tiny or huge bumps. Researchers categorize ear acne as an open comedone type of acne. It is caused due to the excess oil in the sebaceous glands lying just below the skin.

Symptoms of ear acne:

The signs and symptoms of ear acne are typically a painful and uneasy experience. Experts have narrowed down on the following symptoms of ear acne and an agonizing ear sore:

  • Red and raw scabs around the ears
  • Painful ear sores behind the ears
  • Itching that can get intolerable
  • Ear sores or ear acne can get messy as it contains a yellow substance or pus which keeps oozing out

Pain Caused due to Pimples in Ear:

Formation of a pus filled pimple often causes sharp pain in ear, and even touching the ear can be quite distressing. It may take days for the pimple to subside, depending upon the severity of infection. Pain along with itchiness is commonly associated around the pimple area. The pimple usually turns red over time, that may lead to excruciating pain. It is observed that some people try to get rid of pimples by squeezing it. However, this practice actually worsens the infection, thus prolonging the recovery time.

Treatment for ear acne:

Treating ear acne or pimples is not very different from treating blackheads in any other region. But, it can get very difficult and painful as the ears are very sensitively positioned, so as to make extraction complex and difficult. Dermatologists recommend the following treatments for ear acne:

  • Extraction in the presence of a dermatologist with the help of a metallic extractor.
  • Light squeezing to remove the infectious yellow material or pus
  • Exfoliation
  • Chemical peels
  • Gently wipe the outer and inner parts of the ear with a piece of cotton dipped in alcohol. This prevents clogging of the skin pores.
  • Use a cream containing ingredients like tea tree oil and sulfur that helps in pulling out the pus, which actually contains bacteria.
  • Acetaminophen is commonly prescribed to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with pimple in ear. Acetaminophen is a painkillers that is very effective to treat ear acne. One can also directly put Auralgan ear drops into the ear canal that is a source of pain killer. For minor ear pain, mineral oil can equally contribute in this regard.
  • Removing ear acne is not something you should try on your own as ears are very delicately situated. Always approach a dermatologist to solve ear acne and ear related problems.
  • In some cases, the pimple formed in the ear may partially block the ear entrance. As a result, this may affect the person’s hearing ability to a certain extent. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe a medicine or a cream to decrease the pimple size. Popping the pimple using a bobby pin solution is certainly not the solution to get rid of pimple in ear. This can cause considerable harm to the ear.
  • Many people try to use a sterilized sewing needle to break the pimple. However, bursting the pimple forcibly with a needle can cause intolerable pain that may last for quite some time. The best approach is to leave the pimple as it is. Within a few days, the pimple will heal and burst on its own.

This should get you started in treating the condition. It is advisable to see a doctor if the acne on the ear causes excess pain or stress. Getting a medical opinion is often helpful in order to know if the condition is serious enough to call for more radical forms of treatments, such as antibiotics, antiseptics or chemical peels. There are a lot of options available for ear acne. Please, get informed by visiting a doctor if you want to know more. If you are looking for Quick Ear Acne Treatment, we suggest you to read this article 4 Simple Steps to Clear Up Pimples Overnight .

Pimple in the Ear Canal

Pimples occur most commonly on your face, chest, back and shoulders, however it can appear on any area of your body where there is more sebum production. It can even develop in your ear canal. The ear canals are the passageways that connect your ear drums to your outer ears. In certain cases, you can experience an ear canal infection known as otitis externa or external otitis. When it develops on a particular area inside the ear canal, it can also contribute to pimples or acne breakouts near and around the infected area. Read on to know more about pimples in the ear canal.

Causes of External Otitis:

According to the “Merck Manuals Home Edition”, most otitis externa infections are developed due to bacteria in your ear canal. In some rare circumstances, a fungus in your ear can contribute to infection. Getting water inside your ear, exposing your ear canal to certain sprays like hair spray, or if your ear canal gets injured during cleaning, can also lead to external otitis. An infection caused due to exposure of water is also called swimmer’s ear infection. Otitis externa can develop either discomfort and widespread-inflammation or a localized infection known as furunculosis.

Pimples and Boils:

According to “The National Health Service” furunculosis is usually characterized by hair follicle infection in the ear canal. This infection usually leads to small red pimples in the ear canal, and it can cause severe pain to your ear. In certain cases, these pimples may also contain either white or yellow pus. In worse cases, these furunculosis-related pimples can lead to more severe acne lesions such as boils, which can develop large enough to block the interior of the affected ear canal. In such a case, you may experience a substantial degree of hearing problem or it can lead to temporary hearing loss.

How to Treat Ear Canal Pimples:

According to the “National Health Service”, furunculosis-related acne or pimples in the canal usually resolves by itself naturally without any treatment after a few days, after the pimple lesion drains or bursts open. However, it can be quite painful while waiting for the lesion to burst, so you may like to take an over-the-counter painkiller such as ibuprofen. Avoid scratching or touching the affected area during this time, disturbing the affected ear canal can worsen the condition and it can lead to a more serious boil. If your boils or pimples don’t heal itself within one week, it’s better to consult your doctor for an appropriate treatment. Potential medical treatments for a furunculosis-related pimple include manual draining and administration or certain oral antibiotics.

Pimples in Ear Treatment:

  • Do not get scared if you notice a pimple in the ear. In many cases, pimple in ear isn’t a serious issue. Pimple behind the ear is very common and not a cause of worry. Usually, this appears as a minor infection and disappears on its own. However, for detecting a pimple occurred in ear canal, ENT experts usually use an instrument called otoscope. This assists in identifying whether there is any pimple or an inflammation in the ear canal. Following are some options for eliminating pimple in ear.
  • Often, acetaminophen is prescribed for reducing pain and inflammation related with the pimple in the ear. Primarily, acetaminophen is a pain reliever which is very efficient in treating ear pain.
  • Auralgan ear drops may be directly used for treating ear ache.
  • Mineral oil may also be used for reducing ear pain.
  • Sometimes, pimple developed in the ear may slightly block the ear entrance. This in turn affects the hearing ability of an individual. In such cases, health care provider may recommend a medication or a cream for reducing the size of the pimple. Never pop a pimple in the ear. It may harm the ear.

Prevention Tips:

“The National Health Service” warns not to stick cotton swabs or other items, which can damage your ear canals in order to prevent furunculosis or ear canal infections. Moreover, don’t expose your ear canal to water, soap or shampoo when you take bath. “The Merck Manuals” notes that swimmer’s ear can be prevented by using a solution containing equal amounts of rubbing alcohol and vinegar. You just need to drop in a few drops of this mixture into the ear canal before and after exposing to water or swimming. If you are prone to get ear canal infections, don’t forget to inform or discuss to your doctor before you receive any ear disorder treatment.

Considerations and Warning:

According to the “Merck Manuals”, you are more likely to get ear canal infections or pimple in the ear canal, if you have allergies, scalp dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. In certain cases, individuals with weak immune systems and older individuals with diabetes can also develop an ear canal infection known as malignant external otitis. This kind of infection can extend from your ear canal to nearby surrounding bone tissue. You may also like to read about Ear Zits , to know more about acne or pimples in ear.

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