How to avoid the problem of blackheads?

Blackheads are the slightly different sibling of zits and squeezing them can make things worst. Blackheads result from building up of sebum in pores. The difference in appearance of blackheads to pimples is because of its exposure to the air. The reaction of air with the oil causes black color of these blemishes.

Blackheads are caused by an underlying skin problem. The over production of oil by skin glands and improper shedding of old skin are the main causes of blackheads. Removing blackheads by squeezing can worsen the situation. The right way to cure blackheads is attacking the source of the problem.

Maintaining a good cleansing routine is the best ways to remove blackheads. It helps wash away excess oil and dead skin particles. A gentle cleanser is preferable, as it won’t excessively dry out the skin and cause the production of more sebum. Combined with the use of a gentle exfoliant that helps remove old skin cells, it helps keep your skin free from blackheads.

But the difficult task is getting rid of blackheads that are more stubborn. Aggressive manipulation of the skin worsens the situation. So for removing blackheads a gentle touch is always needed. Before squeezing a blackhead open up your skin pores by steaming your face. Then remove the blockage with the help of a blackhead remover or some clean tissue. Always make sure to be gentle.

Always keep your skin clean and oil free. Use natural or chemically prepared cleansers, astringent solutions and masks to accomplish this. Along with this, don’t use harsh soaps that irritate your skin or any creams that leave an oily finish.