How to prevent acne infections?

Acne is a common problem in teenegers. This is mainly because of hormone level fluctuations and increased sebum production. As it is difficult to cure acne, prevention and control are the best things to control acne. The first step in it is to get on proven acne prevention routine. The next step is to use products that minimize acne infections. These are the two most important things to combat acne. If these do not work visit a dermatologist. He may suggest stronger treatments like antibiotics and Accutane.

There are many myths among public on acne prevention. Many people do various things like – scrubbing face all day, eating various foods, avoiding sweat, exercising, and so on. But, in reality, these have nothing to do with preventing acne.

Many adults in their 30s, 40s, and beyond also suffer from acne. Adult acne may leave permanent scars. This is because – when the skin ages it loses collagen which is responsible for skin’s elasticity. So, with less collagen, skin cannot bounce back after the tissue damage that acne infections can cause.

Acne can be better prevented by following a skin care routine that consists of three basic steps. If one follows these three steps properly his or her acne can be better prevented.


Gently cleanse your skin on a regular basis. Gently wash away dead skin cells and impurities with the help of good cleansing product. If your cleanser has proven acne fighters like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, it is much better.


Treat your skin with something that can minimize bacteria like benzoyl peroxide. Or use something that slows down the shedding of skin cells like salicylic acid.


Keep your face properly moisturized and protected from sun’s damaging rays with the help of quality moisturizers that contain sunscreens in them.