Acne during Pregnancy

Many women, who have never had acne before, become susceptible to this malady during pregnancy. There are myths that a pregnant woman having acne carries a baby girl. This myth subscribes to the belief that a girl child takes away all the beauty of its mother. But this is mere a myth, nothing else. The cause of the problem is not the baby but the hormonal surge during pregnancy.

Acne Hormones During Pregnancy:

As mentioned above hormonal changes are the main culprits for acne during pregnancy. The main acne hormone during pregnancy is progesterone, it increases the secretion of various skin glands resulting in acne. It is observed that this acne hormone during pregnancy causes acne out-break during first trimester.

Causes of Acne during Pregnancy:

  • The skin of a woman becomes very sensitive due to the preparation for the delivery of the baby. The kind of changes the skin undergoes at that time makes it vulnerable to problems like acne.
  • The flow of hormones during pregnancy is one of the main causes of acne. A hormone called progesterone is responsible for this problem. Along with making the bed of implantation healthy for fertilized eggs it also increases the secretion of skin glands that causes acne.
  • The male hormones called androgens prompt the sebaceous glands to produce an oily substance called sebum. The formed sebum then unites with the skin cells near the follicles and as a result the pores get blocked. This place then works as a habitation for bacteria to feed and grow and results inflammation and eruption.
  • Changes in hydration also results in acne eruption. The dryness of the body makes the case worse.

Dos and Don’ts for Acne during Pregnancy:

  • During pregnancy the skin should be kept clean. Wash your face with water to keep it oil free. An oily skin is more prone to have acne than a dry skin.
  • Prefer only water in cleaning your face. Residual soaps can irritate your skin. Use plenty of water to clean your face.
  • The infected areas should be cleansed with an oil free mild soap.
  • Keep your skin dry and use oil free moisturizers 5 minutes after the shower.
  • Do not ever sleep with make ups on your face. These block the pores of your face and triggers acne. Try to avoid oil based make ups and opt for water based products.
  • Exercise, as per doctor’s prescription, is a must for pregnant women. It helps in improving blood circulation, toning and making the skin healthy. Exercises also help reducing stress, which is one among the reasons of acne.
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables should make the diet of a pregnant woman. A healthy and proper diet is essential for pregnant women even in normal cases.
  • The skin should not be rubbed or wiped harshly in case of acne. Gently wipe your skin and the affected area. Rubbing or harsh treatment will make the acne worse.

Pregnancy induced acne results from different conditions essential to pregnancy. Therefore, in most cases it cannot be prevented. However, pregnancy induced acne can be controlled from being worse. The only thing one needs to be is cautious in treating this problem. Last but not the least; in treating acne during pregnancy one should be cautious about the safety of the fetus as well.

Is Acne During Pregnancy Safe?

Many pregnant women have this doubt that is acne during pregnancy safe? The answer is YES. Acne out-burst during pregnancy is completely normal and safe. Acne during pregnancy are resulted due to the tremendous hormonal changes occurring in the body. Selecting the acne treatment should be done carefully as improper selection might lead to fetal abnormalities. It is essential that you consult your gynecologist and dermatologist before opting any acne treatment during pregnancy.