Preparing for Appointment

If the acne does not respond to any of the over the counter or home remedies, your physician may refer you to a dermatologist, the specialist in skin conditions.

What you need to do?

It would be better if you prepare ahead by making a list of –

  • Medical information, like the conditions you were diagnosed with earlier and the medications you were taking.
  • Personal information that includes recent life changes or major stresses
  • Any more queries you want to clear with the physician.

What to expect from the physician?

During the appointment, the doctor will completely examine you and may ask you many questions and talks with you in depth. The possible questions may be –

  • When you developed acne?
  • Does any factor triggering acne break outs?
  • Medications as well as supplements you are taking?
  • In women and girls: Regarding menstrual cycle?
  • In women and girls: Regarding any usage of oral contraceptives?
  • In women and girls: Regarding pregnancy?
  • The type of creams, soaps, and cosmetics you use?