Sebaceous glands play an important role in developing acne. The causes of acne vary from teenagers to adults.


Increased levels of testosterone hormone during puberty triggers acne break out in teenagers. Sebaceous glands being sensitive to hormones produce extra sebum than the actual amount the skin needs. This leads to acne.


  • In adults, 80% of women suffer from acne. Change in hormonal levels in women is the cause behind acne break out. The various triggers that lead to acne in adults include:
  • Menstrual cycle – Women experience acne flare-ups during these periods.
  • Pregnancy – Acne symptoms are experienced by many women during their first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – This condition can also lead to acne along with weight gain and cyst formation in ovaries.
  • Medications Side Effects – Certain medications can lead to acne. Eg – steroid drugs.