Acne on Neck

Acne on neck is somewhat similar to acne on back or body. It is a result of neck pores getting clogged by obstructing the natural way of excess oil secretion.  Acne on neck is more prevalent in men and boys than in women and girls. The reason is that the skin on the neck is thicker which favors excess oil production. Treatment is also difficult compared to other body parts acne and different treatments are required to treat the acne.

Causes of Acne on Neck
Acne on Neck
Acne on neck is caused just as acne on face and body is formed. Pores are clogged by buildup of cells that stick together forming a plug. The skin oil and bacteria that usually drain out are caught in the plug, resulting in pus formation and redness.

Neck acne can be aggravated due to irritation. Certain shirts with collars cause irritation by rubbing against the acne prone skin.

Avoiding Further Irritation of Acne on Neck

The irritation caused by acne can be avoided if you consider some points.

  • Wear shirts without collars or crew neck shirts.
  • In cases where you cannot avoid wearing collared shirts, wear soft cotton shirts as they are less harsh to your skin.
  • Refrain from picking at the acne however much you feel tempted to.
  • Pay attention to all things that might irritate your neck and stay clear of them.
  • Get aware of the causes of irritation.

Treatment of Acne on Neck

Acne on neck should be treated according to its severity. There arises light to moderate to severe conditions.

  • For light to moderate acne on neck, applying a solution that contains 10% glycolic acid is very helpful.
  • For acne that is moderate to severe, there are two options for you.You can use a solution that contains 10% glycolic acid together with benzoyl peroxide of 2.5% concentration. You can as well take accutane to clear your acne but, do so with caution as it has a few side effects such as skin dryness, itching and joint pains.

This is about the acne of neck, the causes and treatment medications.

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