Red Bumps Under Armpits

Britney Spears_red bumps armpitThere could be many factors that can lead to acne breakouts or formation of bumps on your underneath arms. However, your skin care regime or how you groom your underneath arms region can influence the formation of acne and bumps. The urgency of removing or treating red bumps may be cosmetic, especially if you are very conscious about your skin and love wearing sleeveless clothing. There is no serious implication of bumps under armpits in most cases. Read through the article to learn more about red bumps under armpits.

How to Identify Red Bumps:

Areas that have been shaved recently or recently shaved armpit surfaces showing short hair follicles usually produce red bumps. Some of these can also have noticeable hair follicles trapped in them. They usually appear red in color with whiteheads on top middle of the bumps.


Swelling and inflammation in the skin are the two common symptoms, which may develop around or in the red bumps, or in both areas in some cases. Some bumps can be very sensitive to the touch and you may even experience skin sensitivity. You may also experience itching in both severe and mild cases. Red bumps underneath your arms may cause discomfort and difficulty to function comfortably or normally.

Possible Causes:

If you have shaved your armpit recently, you may experience multiple bumps or a razor bump. Dermatitis can also develop for various reasons and they can manifest in the form of red bumps under armpits. If you are suffering from acne underneath your arms, it can even result in development of red bumps. Folliculitis can also contribute to the formation of red bumps.


If you are suffering from razor bumps, they can be treated by eliminating the hair follicle end (which has pierced and pushed the skin), by lifting it out gently with a fine, thin object or a needle. Dermatitis can be treated by using a topical medicine like hydrocortisone cream, while folliculitis can be cured by using an antibiotic cream. Try using calamine lotion to relieve the itching of the rashes; however rashes need to be treated according to the causes, so better consult a doctor to get the appropriate treatment. Acne can be eliminated by following proper hygiene, but in severe cases you may require other medications as well.


If you cannot identify the reason of the red bumps under armpits, make sure you visit a dermatologist or doctor to figure out the cause. Skin problems can be hard to diagnose on your own, and certain skin problems can have significant consequences or side effects, if not treated properly.

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