Get Rid of Whiteheads on Chin

Everyone wants to have a clear and glowing skin, but often all these whiteheads, blackheads or acne spoil our skin. Whiteheads are a form of acne, which is also known as comedones. Nose, forehead and chin are the most common areas where whiteheads appear since these areas are oilier. It can plague people of any age group; however it is most common in adolescents. Although, whiteheads are not usually as noticeable as pimples and acne, they can make your skin look very dull and dirty. So, if you are looking for some effective tips to get rid of whiteheads on chin, this article is for you. Read on…

How to Remove Whiteheads on Chin:

Maintaining a proper skin care regime is the best way to treat whiteheads on your face, whether it’s on your chin or nose. Following are some of the main aspects that you need to keep in mind in order to remove whiteheads on chin.

Keep Your Skin Clean:
  • Always keep your face clean. Wash your face twice a day by using a mild facial cleanser. Avoid using harsh soaps or cleansers on your face, for it will make your skin very dry and stimulate more oil production.
  • You can opt for a facial cleanser that contains alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acids, these ingredients will help you unclog the pores of the skin.
  • After cleansing your face, don’t forget to clean your skin with a skin toner again in order to eliminate oil and dirt residues. This toner will also help to shrink the size of your skin pores. And then, apply a good skin moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth.
Exfoliate Your Skin:
  • Exfoliating your face is another great way to get rid of whiteheads on chin. Exfoliating your face twice or thrice per week will help you remove dead skin cells and dirt from the pores and promote healthy cells growth.
  • Just ensure that you don’t scrub your face too hard and too often. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after exfoliation as well.
  • Facial steaming is another great method for whiteheads removal. Steaming will help loosen the pores of your skin and remove bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells from the pores. You can do this once every week to avoid whiteheads and make your skin glow.
Anti-Acne Cream:
  • You can also try applying any topical cream that contains benzoyl peroxide on your chin. It can fight against the bacteria that cause whiteheads and acne. However, make sure that you don’t overuse such products, for they can make your skin over-dry and worsen the conditions sometimes.
  • Don’t forget to remove your makeup and cleanse your face properly before you go to bed.
  • No matter what, avoid squeezing your whiteheads with your fingernails, especially with unwashed hands.

Well, these are some important tips to help you get rid of whiteheads on chin. However, don’t expect to eliminate them immediately. Follow the above mentioned tips on a regular basis, and you’ll definitely get that clear, glowing skin after a few weeks. Click here, if you want to know more about How to Get Rid of Whiteheads on Nose.

Cystic Acne on Chin:

Acne can manifest in many different forms. Cystic acne, also called nodules-cystic acne is a more severe form of acne that has formulated into a cyst. It can be quite painful unlike other normal forms of acne. Moreover, this kind of acne can leave an ugly scar on your skin, if not treated properly or if the treatment is delayed. This kind of acne can occur on any area of your body including your face, shoulders, chest, back and buttocks. On the face, your chin is one of the most commonly affected areas. Read on to know more about cystic acne on chin.

Causes of Cystic Acne:

  • Acne or pimples can breakout on your chin because of several factors; hence it can be very tricky to determine what causes chin acne. Hormonal imbalances are considered one of the major causes of acne lesions.
  • Cystic acne is also closely associated with genetic factors, so heredity can be also one of the common causes of acne. According to researchers, certain medications and stress can also contribute to pimples or acne breakouts.
  • Use of greasy or harsh cosmetics can also increase the rise of pimple eruptions. Squeezing or popping of mild, normal acne can also result in cystic acne and dark blemishes; it can also cause recurring of cystic acne.
  • A diet poor in nutrients and not drinking enough water can also lead to acne eruptions.

Cystic Acne Treatment:

Cystic acne breakouts on your face can be quite embarrassing; it may not only cause physical pain, but also cause a lot of emotional stress. So, if you got severe acne like cystic acne, ensure you consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. Based on the severity of the pimples or cystic acne, a doctor will prescribe a course of medication or treatment. Following are a few common treatment options available for treating severe acne ailments.

Surgical Drainage:

This surgical drainage involves opening the cystic acne or nodules under sterile conditions to drain out nodules completely. This procedure should be performed only by a dermatologist. If not done properly or if not performed by a professional, there is a high chance of scarring.

Intralesional Corticosteroid Injections:

You can opt for this treatment only when other medications failed to combat your cystic acne on chin. Intralesional cortisteroid injections can be injected directly into the affected area, thus allowing the medicine to pass through deep into the sub-epidermal part of the skin. This treatment helps to speed up the healing process of cyst.

Antibiotics and Other Steroidal Oral Medications:

Other common medications used for treating cystic acne and nodules include erythromycin, oxycline, tetracycline, etc. In some severe cases, doctors may also recommend some pain killers such as an ibuprofen. Isotretinoin is another prescription drug that can be used for acne treatment. It is a vitamin A derived synthetic retinoid that can be taken orally. However, all these medications should be consumed under the guidance of a doctor, because they can produce certain severe side effects.

Home Remedies for Cystic Acne:

Avoid picking or squeezing your acne with your fingers, no matter how tempting it may be. Squeezing with your fingers will only encourage the bacteria to spread and cause more acne breakouts. Apart from the above mentioned medications or treatments, you may also like to try using certain home remedies to help you clear your acne or pimples. Here are a few simple home-made remedies you can try out easily.

  • Sea Salt and Baking Soda: Make a paste by mixing sea-salt and baking soda together. And, apply the paste over the affected area thoroughly once a week.
  • Apple Toner: You can also try applying apple cider vinegar or fresh apple juice in order to restore your skin’s natural pH balance.
  • Aloe Vera: Apply aloe vera’s sterile pure gel or aloe vera juice on and around your chin or the affected area to promote faster healing.
  • Fresh Lime:Another effective natural remedy for treating cystic acne is to wash your face with a mixture of boiled milk and lime juice on a regular basis.
  • Mango:Applying a paste of lemon juice and fresh mango pulp on cystic acne affected area will help soften the skin and de-clog the pores of the skin.

Cystic acne on chin can be very irritating, painful and can get difficult to cure if it prolongs without treating immediately. So, one should seek for a medical help immediately and get the appropriate treatment to prevent further breakouts and acne scars.

Acne on Chin:

Acne on chin is characterized by the outbreak of hideous looking pimples on your chin. This acne just like the rest on other parts of your body is caused by toxins that have no way out due to clogged pores. Other causes can be hormonal imbalances and high stress levels. Chin acne affects people of all ages and sexes. But, it’s normally women who are most affected especially during pregnancy, menstrual cycle and on set of puberty.

How to cure chin acne Naturally?

Firstly, you need to have the following lifestyle changes:

  • You need to take plenty of water like at least 8 glasses a day. Water enables you to remove the toxins in your body through sweating and other forms of excretion.
  • Wash you face on a regular basis using mild soap or facial wash to remove dead skin and bacteria which cause acne. However, do not over do it can dry out your skin and injure it too.
  • Have sufficient sleep to get rid of acne on chin caused by stress. Experts advise that everybody needs to have at least 6-8 hours of sleep in order for your body to be fully rested and rejuvenated.
  • Eat a balanced meal that is really rich in fruits and vegetables. These are good at giving you a healthy skin. You can as well supplement with Vitamin A and E as well as zinc if you are unable to consume the right amount of the vitamins and vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly as you will be able to work a sweat and thus, get rid of the toxins in the body. Do wash your face or entire body after training to prevent the sweat from drying up on your skin and irritating it further.

Secondly, apply the following home remedies on the chin to clear the acne:

  • Apply mud packs if you know your acne is due to over production of oil in the skin. Mud drains out the oil in your pores and helps to unclog them. Leave it on the face for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
  • Make a paste of sandalwood and rosewater. Apply the paste on your face for around 15 minutes and afterwards wash off with lukewarm water. This paste will absorb excess oils and thus, prevent your pores from blocking.
  • Mix baking soda( 2 tablespoons) with warm water( 2 cups) and apply the mixture on the chin. This will reduce inflammation and also soften the skin.
  • If your acne on chin persists after several months of using the above remedies, do consult with your dermatologist to get prescribed medication.

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