Herbs for Acne

If you are suffering from pimple or blemish, then you are the right place at the right time. Herbs for acne are the best for clearing your acne naturally. After using the herbs, you will not only get a beautiful skin but also see a boost in your self-esteem as you will be able to go to so many places without being self-conscious.

Best Herbal Treatments for Acne:

Burdock root tea: This herb expels toxins from the body that could be clogging the pores. It does this by increasing the number of times you urinate in the day. Hence, it helps to clear your acne or blemishes from your skin.

You should place the bag in a wire teabag and soak it in cold water for at least an hour. Next, place it in a pot of water and simmer for about 15-30 minutes. Pour 1-2 teaspoons of the raw herb in a pint of water and drink it.

Aloe Vera Gel: This herb the best amongst all the herbs for acne as it soothes the skin and helps to heal acne 10 times faster than other herbs. It’s advisable to use Aloe Vera that is 100 percent pure and natural. You can only get this from health food stores or to make it easier, you should buy plants and grow them in your garden. Whenever you need to use them, you can cut off a leaf and apply the gel over the affected area.

Neem: It’s a classic herb that balances the effects of refined sugars in the body and also makes the skin cells more resistant to viruses. You can either apply its juice directly on the acne or mix it in tea. Adding it in tea is actually more effective.

Apple Cinder Vinegar: You need to use raw unfiltered apple cinder vinegar for it to be effective and worthwhile as part of the herbs for acne. You could either choose to use it internally or externally. By consuming it, you should mix it in a cup of water and also add raw honey for a sweet taste. You can drink 3 times in a day if you wish and after taking it, you should rinse your mouth immediately. This will prevent the acetic acid found in the vinegar from affecting your teeth.

For external use, mix 30-50 percent of apple cinder vinegar with 50-70 percent of pure water. Then, apply the solution on the skin and rub it in. Keep re-applying for 5-10 minutes and afterwards, leave it to dry on the skin. There is no need to wash your face unless you want to get rid of the vinegar smell.

Red clover: As one of the herbs for acne, it’s is full of vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. You can make a topical solution from this herb so as to treat acne. You could also put 2-3 drops of the herb in a small amount of water and drink it 30 minutes before eating food to avoid it being diluted by food. Hence, it will detoxify blood and tissues in the body.

Lavender: It helps in the compression of inflammation. Its essential oil has antiseptic properties which make it useful for treating acne, fungus, eczema and other skin ailments. It is also helpful in treating insomnia, yeast infection, psoriasis, headache, anxiety etc. But be careful while using this herb as it stimulates the bile secretion especially for the people suffering from gallstones.

Tea tree Oil: It’s a marvelous anti-bacterial and anti-viral that is used to clear acne and its scars as well. You should use tea tree oil that is diluted to avoid drying up the skin. It’s possible to buy it when it’s already diluted or dilute it yourself at home with apple cider vinegar or water.

Yellow Dock: It’s also referred to as Rumex crispus. The best way to use this herb for acne is by grinding it and afterwards, smear the yellow powder on your face while washing it.

Sarsaparilla: The most effective part of this herb for getting rid of acne is the root. It helps to maintain hormonal balance, hence, preventing the outbreak of acne. It can also be used to cure dermatitis and leprosy on top of clearing acne and skin irritations.

Calendula: It enhances the skin healing property and this herb is rich in anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is applied topically and it is present in many facial creams. It is also helpful in treating conjunctivitis, bowel diseases, gastritis and allergies.

Do remember that as much as these herbs for acne are very effective, they can not perform miracles for you. You will not see much changes if you are still eating excessive fried foods, guzzling soda and beer.

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