Home Remedies for Forehead Acne

Having acne on the forehead is not really appealing. And, it is all the more irritating when the pimples are painful. However, you can get rid of your forehead acne with the help of a few simple home remedies. These remedies can be easily made at home, all you need is a few simple ingredients.

3 Simple Remedies to Get Rid of Forehead Acne

Use these simple home remedies for your forehead acne:

  • Remedy 1:

    Nettle leaves can be used to cure acne on your forehead. Take a few fresh nettle leaves. Now, boil these leaves for about 5 minutes. Properly strain the mixture and allow it to cool down for a while. Drink this strained water as tea. However, if you do not like the taste, you can add lemon or even honey. Nettle leaves have amazing anti-inflammatory properties which work really well to cure acne.

  • Remedy 2:

    Lemon juice and rose water can also be used to reduce acne. Take two tablespoons of rose water and mix it with about two tablespoons of lemon juice. Take a cotton ball and dip it in this solution. Rub this cotton ball over your forehead acne. After about 15-30 minutes, rinse your face with cold water. This is a very effective way to get rid of forehead acne because, lemon juice works as an antibacterial agent and also as a natural astringent. And, on the other hand, rose water will help in toning the skin and helps in reducing the acidity of lemon juice.

  • Remedy 3:

    Another simple natural remedy to treat acne is by using aloe vera. Well, aloe vera juice is very soothing for any skin type as it has anti-inflammatory properties. All you need to do is take some aloe vera gel and apply it over your acne areas, leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse your face with warm water.

With these simple home remedies, it is very easy to get rid of forehead acne. Follow these remedies at least twice a week, and you will be control your acne well.

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