Whiteheads on Nose

Whiteheads develop due to over production of oil or sebum that gets accumulated in the pores of the skin. Mostly, whiteheads appear on the forehead, under the eyes and nose area.

Whiteheads on nose

are tiny with white raised heads. These are filled with grease like substance. The surface of these whiteheads don’t become dark because the pus inside them doesn’t come in contact with the air and thus, there is no oxidation process. The skin pore is closed and leaves the nose area white. A healthy diet as well as daily skin care regime helps in preventing whiteheads on the nose. Following are some tips to get rid of whiteheads on the nose.

Whiteheads on Nose – Causes:

Whiteheads on the nose are formed due to excess intake of sugary foods and hormonal imbalance. Reduce the intake of sugary foods and include vegetables and fruits in the diet. During the menstrual cycle, women experience white spots on different parts of the body. Women can follow certain dietary supplements such as evening primrose oil that balances hormones in the body. These whiteheads can develop at any age, but teenagers face this problem frequently.

Whiteheads on Nose – Treatment Tips:

  • Wash the face with mild cleanser and also use mild scrubbers on the skin at least three times in a week. Scrubbing the skin after taking mild steam helps in getting rid of whiteheads because it softens the skin as well as opens the skin pores. After cleansing the skin, always apply a skin toner for closing the pores. Wrap an ice cube in a cloth and rub it over the face for closing pores.
  • Use gels and creams that have alpha Hydroxyl fruit acids. These help to unclog the skin pores for the removal of whiteheads.
  • Do not squeeze or forcibly remove whiteheads as it may result in scars or skin infection. If the problem cannot be handled by you, consult the dermatologist regarding this.
  • Drink fresh fruit juices. Add some lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach. This helps in detoxifying the skin.
  • Rub lemon peel on the nose. This helps in getting rid of whiteheads.
  • Use homemade scrubbers prepared from fruit peels. Orange peels can be used as a scrubber. Dry the peel of an orange and grind it to make fine powder. Add milk cream and rosewater, apply it over the face. When it is half dried, rinse it by rubbing in the opposite direction.
  • This makes skin clear, smooth and removes whiteheads as well.
  • Use medicated cleansers and soaps on the skin. Also use oil-free moisturizers.
  • Almonds are another best remedy for treating whiteheads. Soak them in water overnight and grind them in the morning. Make a smooth paste and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Gently massage it on the nose for a few minutes and allow it to stay for 5 – 10 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. This helps in getting rid of whiteheads on the nose.

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