Whiteheads on Chin

Whiteheads may be characterized by a small, white bumps which appear on the surface of the skin. This another form of acne, which is referred to as closed comedones. This may affect people of any age group, but adolescents feel more frustrated with this condition. Whiteheads on chin, forehead and nose are very common because these regions are oily when compared to other areas on face.

Causes of Whiteheads:

Whiteheads are developed when the body tries to combat the bacterial attack on the face. Sebaceous glands produce an oily substance, called sebum to keep hair and skin lubricated. If excess sebum is produced, it blocks the skin pores on face completely. This condition becomes worse in the presence of dead cells of skin. Hence, it becomes an ideal place for bacteria to breed. Your body then sends white blood cells to the affected areas to combat against bacteria. It leads to reddening and inflammation of skin and formation of whiteheads.

Sugary and spicy foods, hormonal changes as well as cosmetics aggravates the production of sebum. People who don’t clean their face properly particularly while removing makeup may have more chances of suffering from this condition. Excess skin exfoliation may lead to whiteheads because dead skin clogs the hair follicles. Often, after shaving whiteheads on chin may trigger excessive skin drying.

Treatment for Whiteheads on Chin:

Good skin care regime is the best treatment for chin whiteheads. Following must be considered for getting rid of whiteheads on chin:

Skin toner must be used for eliminating dirt residues and shrinking of the facial skin. Later, apply a moisturizer for making skin supple and soft.

Twice a day wash face with a mild facial cleanser. Never use harsh soaps for cleansing the face as they may make your skin more dry as well as increase the production of sebum. Opt facial cleansers which contain either alpha hydroxyl acid or salicylic acid because these play important role in clearing the skin pores.

Application of an ointment which contains benzoyl peroxide may be helpful. This destroys the bacteria which cause whiteheads on facial skin. However, these must not be overused because they makes your skin dry.

For removing whiteheads, facial steaming is another effective way. This makes skin loose, enlarges pores and eliminates bacteria from them. This must be practiced once in a week.

In a week, twice or thrice skin exfoliation must be done for getting rid of dead cells on skin and promotes healthy growth of cells. Scrubbing should be done gently. Skin must be properly moisturized after exfoliating it.

Lastly, remember to remove makeup while going to bed as it clogs the pores. Next morning, you will find that the situation becomes worse.

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