Cure for Acne Holes on Face

Acne can cause holes on the face if the skin pores or hair follicles that contain the oil produced by excess levels of hormones. This happens when the pores expand because they become filled with oil and skin particles. After the pore is emptied, one is left with a gaping hole in the skin. What can be done about this, in order to cure acne holes on the face?

First thing one should remember is that pimples and zits should never be squeezed. This only makes it more probable that scarring of the skin will occur. If, however, pimples have already caused scars on the skin there are remedies for this.

What Type of Acne?

In order to effectively treat acne one must first know how severe the case of acne is. Mild acne only has whiteheads and blackheads. Moderate acne manifests in red papules and pustules, which have a red pimple, and a white center. Severe acne manifests in cysts or nodules, which are embedded deep in the skin and are filled with pus.

Medical Treatment

There are many different medical treatments for acne. Some of these are acne scar removal treatments like microdermabrasion or chemical peel, dermabrasion, skin grafting, laser treatment and skin surgery. Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin, giving it a better appearance. This is also referred to as a chemical peel. This treatment peels of a minuscule layer of skin, which helps to make the skin cleaner and flush out acne holes on the face.

These treatments are fairly drastic measures and should, therefore, be used only after careful deliberation. Only if the acne produces so much aggravation that it interferes with normal life should these measures be explored.

Remember that face masks and lotions are not usually helpful and only irritate the skin instead of healing acne holes. By consulting a doctor you can get more information about treatments, such as vitamin A products like Retinol and Ratin A to improve the look of the skin. Vitamin A concentrates might also have some side effects like skin irritation.

Remember also that medical acne treatments are often expensive, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Think it over carefully with a qualifies skin care professional, before making the decision to use dermatological treatment options to cure acne holes on the face. You may also like to read on Cure Acne With Tomato to know more about natural acne remedies.

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