Can Cheese Cause Acne?

The link between cheese and acne has been proved through few studies. However, further studies are to be conducted to confirm the link. So, if you are having acne after consuming cheese, it would be better to avoid it.

A study published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in February 2005 analyzed 47, 000 women. During the analysis, the researchers tried to find the connection between the dairy intake during the teenage years of the women and acne outbreak. They found out a dairy product intake and acne had a close link. It follows that cheese also can trigger acne.

The Relationship Between Cheese and Acne:

Dr. F. W. Danby, in an article published in the medical journal in 2005, writes that the dairy products contain the hormones produced by the cow’s pregnancy. These consumption of these hormones through milk or cheese can result in production oil-making cell in teenagers.

Similarly, Researchers from Harvard University found out the link between cottage cheese/cream cheese and acne. The hormones produced by the cow’s pregnancy can be attributable to this.

Tips to Avoid Acne Due to Cheese:

If you suspect that your acne is caused due to cheese, avoid all forms of cheese for a few days. Follow this elimination diet for a month and see if your acne is resolved. If you acne is resolved, it might indicate that cheese is the factor behind the outbreak. Also avoid dairy products during this time.

While avoiding cheese and dairy products, make sure you compensate the calcium through other products. You can try replacing dairy products with almond milk, soy milk or rice milk. These products compensate for the calcium loss while following the dairy-free diet. If you are reading this article, you may also like to read on Foods that Cause Acne.

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