Acne Inside Nostril

Face, chest and back are the most common areas for acne outburst. However, this does not mean that acne cannot pop up in other body parts. Acne inside the nostril may sound weird but a few people might have experienced it. Acne inside nostril can be extremely painful. It can also trigger sneezing, if it is slightly touched or inflamed. Imagine having to deal with painful acne inside nostril and uncontrollable sneezing? It could be a tricky situation. So how do you deal with it?


The most common cause for acne inside nostril might be constant picking of your nose. The bacteria in your fingernails is the culprit most of the times. It can also be caused by small cuts or pulling out of the hair follicles.


Acne inside nostril can be difficult to treat, but it is not impossible. Acne inside the nostril is worsened by the mucus and hair. Most of the times, it gets cured on its own. In some cases, it gets swollen and extremely uncomfortable. It is also very difficult to apply topical ointments inside the nostril. It can get real messy. The best option is to wash the nostril with warm water. This will clean the area off dirt and mucus. You can then apply the cream or ointment on it using a cotton bud.

Sometimes, the acne or pimple might get swollen. Though it is not visible on the outside, if the pimple is swollen it may also cause redness or swelling on the outside of the nostril. Do not pop the pimple as it my cause bleeding. It is best to let it to heal on its own.

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