Strawberries May Be The Right Cure for Acne

Why Strawberry?

Strawberry can be just the right thing for a blemished skin, tired of being experimented artificially. Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid; an ingredient found in many commercial acne creams and thus is the best treatment for acne-prone skin. Strawberries help to tone and condition the skin, lighten any pigmentation problems and keep the skin smooth and supple.

Strawberries are a recommended fruit for acne sufferers because they are mild digestive cleansers that help the body rid itself of toxins that trigger acne breakouts. They also help maintain and regulate the water in the body keeping the skin hydrated.

Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C which helps clear the skin and remove any acne and blemishes. Vitamin C also helps prevent acne by preventing the small capillaries under the skin’s surface from breaking. It also helps to heal the skin. According to the ancient Egyptians, fresh strawberries (when eaten) help acne. So do wet strawberry leaves applied on the face topically.

Simple Strawberry Face Mask:

    • Mix 1/2-cup fresh strawberries with a tablespoon of sour cream for a weekly facial mask. The strawberry juice helps to tighten your skin, and at the same time the cream adds precious emollient for your dehydrated and tired out skin.
    • Leave the mask on for 20mins then wash off with warm water. Enjoy the new suppleness and rejuvenation that your skin gifts you!

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